E-cigarette Explosions

An e-cigarette, first introduced by the Golden Dragon Group in 2003, is a vape product. It’s marketed as a safer alternative to smoking than conventional tobacco cigarettes. While e-cigarettes were first considered a novelty in the US, the devices have grown significantly in popularity. Currently, the e-cigarette industry is a multi-billion-dollar industry.

The e-cigarette has three main components: the cartridge (which contains the liquid contents), the atomizer (which heats the cartridge and vaporizes the liquid), and the battery (which powers the e-cigarette).

Each year, hundreds of people are injured by overheating or exploding e-cigarettes. The device’s rechargeable lithium-ion battery is both powerful and extremely volatile. The battery can cause the e-cigarette to explode or burst into flames when the device is being charged, when a person is carrying the e-cigarette, or when the person is vaping. Reported injuries include burns to the face, hands, legs, and other body parts; severe facial trauma; shrapnel burns and lacerations; and the loss of eyes, teeth, and tongue.

If you or a loved one have been injured by a faulty e-cigarette, please contact us for help with your case.

E-cigarette Explosion