On-the-job Injuries

Thousands of US workers are injured on the job every year as a result of defective industrial products. This can include manufacturing, construction, or farming equipment. While state workers’ compensation laws do place limitations on accountability for workplace illnesses or injuries, employees injured on the job may be able to bring a product liability suit again the product’s manufacturer.

When an employee is seriously hurt, it’s important to look at their work environment and the machinery or products they were using. The equipment may not have been properly stored, or it might not have the necessary safety guards or features in place. Further, the employers may not have properly instructed their workers on how to safely use the machinery.

On-the-job injuries involving defective equipment or machinery can often be catastrophic. Employees may suffer serious injuries, loss of limbs, or even death. At Zinns Law, we help ensure that the employers, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers are held responsible for any resulting injuries. We can also help spouses to file claims for loss of services or consortium. For help with your on-the-job injuries case, please contact us.

On the job injury