Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is an atrocious act that can affect the victim and the victim’s family for a lifetime. Survivors of sexual assault, sexual abuse, rape, or sex trafficking not only have to overcome any physical injuries. They also have significant emotional or psychological injuries, and often need years of therapy to overcome the traumatic experience.

In criminal proceedings, a person charged with sexual assault can face imprisonment. However, for the victim’s family to receive financial compensation, they must pursue a civil claim. Zinns Law represents individuals and families who have survived sexual abuse including:

  • Sexual misconduct by religious or civic organizations
  • Sexual assault involving private schools
  • Sexual assault, abuse, rape by counselors and medical providers
  • Campus sexual assault, abuse, and rape
  • College and professional sports sexual assault, abuse, and rape
  • Sex trafficking
  • Rape, statutory rape

Filing a lawsuit will not erase the pain and memories that the survivor has endured, but it can bring the survivor and their family some measure of justice. Zinns Law can help you fight for justice and obtain financial recovery. Please contact us if you need help with your case.

Sexual Harassment